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We want to help you to shine throughout your academic career. Check out our blog for tips and advice from those who have already trodden your path. We have everything from writing your CV, to getting people to stop at your conference poster, to how to prepare for your interview, what not to do in your interview, how to network at academic conferences and much, much more. Think of anything that you have to do to progress your academic career, and we will have found some sage advice for you.



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Is science all that matters? The importa...

Policy to counter COVID-19 sits between science and politics, so we need humanities as well as scientific research to ...

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Productivity during lockdown, how recogn...

Turns out this is the worst possible advice in any crisis. Thankfully the UK Government did not actually use this pos...

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Persuading people to change

Alpha eating Fried Giant Water Bug Lethocerus indicus - Chiang Mai Night Bazaar THB5 Read more