Our partners at Global Academy Jobs

Our founders began Global Academy Jobs with a big mission in mind. Our purpose is to accelerate international research collaboration with a view to helping solve the world’s big problems: food security, infectious diseases and the other issues which cross national boundaries.

Our largest partners in this endeavour are the research-led international universities. We work with them through international university alliances and share our revenue with them to further their research agendas.

GAJobs is a truly ‘global’ organisation. We are based in Oxford, England with clients world-wide. All continents, countries and universities share equal status both on our website and within our network. We are as proud to be working with some of the world’s newest universities as with the older, established centres of Higher Education.

We also partner with other businesses and organisations who provide services to these same universities. Changing the world is a big job, it takes a lot of people and with a wide range of different skills and resources.

Please let us introduce some of the organisations working with us to make change happen.

Founding partners

Perrett Laver
parrett laver

Dan Perrett and Simon Laver have over 12 years combined experience helping universities and other organisations recruit top research and professional talent. GAJobs is their further investment in making sure international universities can achieve their research aspirations.

The WUN Alliance, led by John Hearn and Max Price, were key to establishing GAJobs. The 18 WUN member universities continue to support us, while we help them with cost effective recruitment advertising.


U21 is a consortium of research-led universities, collaborating through research exchanges, shared teaching resources and, increasingly, student initiated activities. U21 members are joining GAJobs in succession. Six are already partner members and more join each year.

APRU fosters cooperation in education and research among their member universities in areas of major importance to the Pacific Rim community. Their focus includes, but is not limited to, economic development, science and technology, human resource development, education and environmental protection.