Senior Lecturer / Lecturer - Physiological Sciences

Stellenbosch University

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Position type:

Full time

12 Oct 2020
16 Nov 2020

Full details:

Reference number: STELL-NW04/245/1020

The Department of Physiological Sciences teaches all systems of human physiology, including: the human body as a unit, organs, tissues, cells and integrative physiology in response to external or internal stressors. Research models include healthy and diseased human volunteers or samples derived from patients, small laboratory animal models simulating human pathological conditions allowing to investigate mechanisms of the adaptive responses to respective internal or external stressors, or molecular drivers of the pathology, whole body and tissue sample analysis, and in vitro cell and molecular aspects.



  • Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate Physiological Science modules; 

  • Researching and publishing in peer-reviewed journals in a field aligned to one of the research focus areas (refer to our website), and/or in teaching and learning, using advanced teaching and learning methods in Physiological Sciences;

  • Recruiting and supervising postgraduate students in Physiological Sciences;

  • Establishing a research group in a field aligned to one of the research focus areas in the Department; or joining a current research group in the Department;

  • Securing research funding;

  • Participating in academically relevant departmental and faculty activities, as required.


Job requirements

  • PhD in Physiological Sciences, Human Biology or a similar field;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English;
  • Proven experience in offering undergraduate Physiological Science modules at tertiary level.

For appointment as lecturer:

  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals in the relevant research field, commensurate with experience in at least one of the research focus areas of the Department of Physiological Sciences.

For appointment as senior lecturer:

  • Proven and growing research record in recognised international journals;
  • Proven record of successful supervision of postgraduate students on MSc and PhD level;
  • Proven record of successful grant applications.

Applicants invited for interviews will be expected to present a lecture on their recent research to evaluate their knowledge and communication skills.



  • Post-doctoral or appropriate academic/industrial research experience;

  • Communication skills in Afrikaans and/or isiXhosa;

  • The ability to expand the Department's diverse focus areas and the ability to implement integrative physiology in research and teaching;

  • An interest in expanding teaching and learning technologies.


The University is committed to employment equity (EE), and appointments will be made in line with the EE plan for the specific environment as well as Stellenbosch University'’s institutional EE Plan.

The University reserves the right not to make an appointment.

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