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Full time


Professor salary will be determined in accordance with the Professorial ranges as applied within the University.

21 Dec 2016
27 Jan 2017

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Reference number: QUB-16/105132


To provide academic leadership in the area of polymer engineering and advance knowledge in this area through world-class research
and industrial collaborations. To augment existing expertise within the school in related research themes. To deliver undergraduate
and postgraduate teaching in Mechanical Engineering.


1. Deliver teaching and assessment activities in areas identified by the Director of Education. This will include formal lectures,
tutorials, assignments, coursework, project supervision and general student monitoring at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
2. Provide constructive feedback to students.
3. Contribute to the design and revision of course units.
4. Contribute to curriculum development.
5. Lead major elements of programme development, including new courses and curricula.
6. Routinely communicate complex and conceptual ideas to students as well as to peers using high level skills and a range of media.
7. Develop the teaching activities of the School by pursuing new and innovative teaching approaches taking the responsibility for
the quality of course units and delivering a range of teaching and assessment activities including lectures, setting/marking
coursework, practicals, and fieldwork in general, in the area of Mechanical Engineering and in particular in the field of the
incumbent’s expertise.
8. Contribute to the enhancement of quality teaching within the subject, School or Faculty, ensuring that course design and
delivery comply with the appropriate benchmarks and regulations.
9. Develop and advise others on learning and teaching tasks and methods.
10. Act as internal and external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate students and programmes.
11. Assist in major teaching administrative functions such as accreditation and quality enhancement.
12. Act as external examiner for undergraduate programmes or PhD theses.

1. To lead and undertake research of a quality that is internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour and
contribute to the research strategies of the School.
2. Maintain and further establish an international reputation in a subject area which may encompass, but is not restricted to, any of
the following related themes: sustainable polymer engineering, energy-efficient processing, recycling of polymer composites,
nanocomposites and biopolymers.
3. Provide research leadership which will enhance the global reputation of the School.
4. Identify and develop research opportunities with the School’s Polymer Processing Research Centre (PPRC).
5. Develop interdisciplinary research collaboration across the School/Faculty/University and external partners.
6. Develop innovative research proposals and lead large-scale funding bids.
7. Provide supervision to research students.
8. Manage, coach and develop research staff.
9. Act as a mentor to junior academic staff.
10. Ensure that research projects are completed on time and within budget.

Administration/Contribution to the Community:
1. Be an active participant in up to two administrative teams, within the School, set up to support the Head of School in meeting
the School’s objectives.
2. Provide pastoral care for students within own area to ensure, as far as practicable, that relevant issues are dealt with in a timely,
sympathetic and effective manner.
3. May sit on major University committees.
4. Contribute to the School’s outreach strategy by designing or delivering Community outreach programmes and developing external links.
5. Contribute, where appropriate, to the School’s Executive Education Portfolio.
6. Contribute significantly to the development and running of the School by taking on appropriate School co-ordinating roles. Such
duties may include, for example, Advisor of Studies, QAA Aspect Co-ordinator, Module/Year/Programme Co-ordinator or other
recognised official University roles.
7. Act as mentor or appraiser to colleagues, including Teaching Assistants, advising on their personal development and ensuring
that that they are meeting the standards required.
8. Develop and lead initiatives in administrative activities such as student recruitment, publicity, web pages.

Planning and Organising:
1. Plan and set teaching and research objectives over a number of years.
2. Plan and manage own teaching and tutorials.
3. Prepare research proposals for submission to external funding.
4. Be involved in strategic planning for the School and contribute to the University’s strategic planning process.
5. Plan and deliver research, teaching and consultancy or similar programmes and ensure that resources are available.
6. Contribute to the management of quality, audit and other external assessments.

Resource Management Responsibilities:
1. Provide academic leadership to those working within programme areas, as course leader or equivalent, by for example
co-ordinating the work of others to ensure that courses are delivered effectively or organising the work of a team by agreeing
objectives and work plans.
2. Develop and manage staff and resources, in support of major research, teaching and administrative activities.
3. Contribute to the overall management of the School/work unit, in areas such as budget and business planning.

Internal and External Relationships:
1. Promote and develop the international reputation of the School’s research portfolio in polymer-related research by acquiring
appropriate measures of esteem such as editorship of major international journals, keynote or plenary presentations at
internationally leading conferences, membership of national and international research committees and organisation of national
and international conferences.
2. Develop international linkages with respect to research projects.
3. Lead and develop internal networks for example by participating in University committee/s.
4. Lead and develop links with external networks, for example, with external examiners and assessors.
5. Develop links with external contacts such as other educational bodies, employers, and professional bodies to foster collaboration.
6. Seek membership of national/international/EU committees.
7. Develop national/international consortia for large-scale EU (or similar) grant applications.


1. PhD in relevant field.
2. A distinguished record of research publications of international excellence in the area of Polymer Engineering.
3. Demonstrated sustained record of attracting and obtaining substantial, peer reviewed, research income.
4. Demonstrated experience in successful team management including supervising research students and postdoctoral researchers.
5. Evidence of ability to strengthen the School’s national and international research and development networks.
6. Demonstrated quantifiable measures of international esteem.
7. Proven ability to deliver teaching in Mechanical Engineering topics and associated tasks at UG and PG level, supported by student evaluations.
8. Evidence of co-ordination of modules and curriculum development.
9. Ability to provide strategic academic leadership in research, programme development and teaching.
10. A clear vision on future research and development plans and how they will benefit the School in meeting the University’s ‘Vision 2020’ and beyond.
11. Ability to advance the research and teaching goals of the School.
12. Strengthen the School’s national and international research networks.
13. Must demonstrate evidence of ability to communicate clearly and effectively with students, academic colleagues and to
professional bodies and managers/executives.
14. Ability to provide effective leadership.
15. Evidence of good interpersonal skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.


1. Membership of a relevant professional organisation.
2. Evidence of interdisciplinary research.
3. Experience of working with industry.
4. Programme leadership including management of major aspects of the teaching delivery.
5. Experience of successful University course and innovative curriculum development





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