Postdoctoral Researcher (m/f) at Genetic Diseases Imagine Institute

Institut Imagine



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Full time

05 Sep 2018
01 Dec 2018

Full details:

Reference number: EUR-336104

Genetic Diseases Imagine Institute aim is to characterize and treat genetic diseases. To reach this aim, the institute applies and transfer knowledge from research to the clinic to develop innovative therapeutic strategies.  
Within the human lympho-hematopoiesis team, led by Dr. Isabelle André- Schmutz and Prof. Marina Cavazzana, we seek a contract researcher (m/f) to validate a new strategy based on the adoptive transfer of gene edited lymphoid progenitors (GE-LP) as a rapid and effective treatment for two forms of primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs), namely RAG-SCID and HIGM1, caused by mutations of the tightly regulated genes Recombination Activating gene (RAG)1 and CD40LG. This work will be done as part of a collaboration with the groups of L. Naldini and A. Ditadi (Milan, Italy), T. Taghon (Ghent, Belgium), H. Eibel (Freiburg, Germany) and C. Waskow (Dresden, Germany). GE-LP will be generated either from patients’ derived hematopoietic stem cells or iPSCs.
We seek for a highly motivated candidate with a strong expertise in cell culture, animal models and immunology/hematology, excited by clinical translational challenges.
Main missions:
Implementation of the project in connection with the research lab, the clinical investigation center and the other European partners
Implementation, adaptation and coordination of cellular and molecular biology techniques
Apply for grant calls, results communication inside and outside the laboratory (European network, national and international conferences)
Required skills:
Mastery of gene editing techniques
Mastery of flow cytometry
Mastery of in vitro cell culture techniques (transduction, long-term culture) in confined spaces SPF2) and good knowledge of molecular biology tools
Expertise in hematopoiesis and immunology (human and murine model)
Experience working with rodent models
Skills in use of computer tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, FlowJo or other flow cytometry analysis softwares, Prism, statistics tools)
Communicate, transmit knowledge and present data
Very good level of English (written, spoken, read)
Required qualifications:  
Rigor, methodology and organization, dynamism, autonomy and critical sense
Adaptability to time constraints, GLP and HSE
Interest in innovation, technology development and translational research
Motivation, interpersonal skills, initiative
Diploma and professional experience required:
Doctoral degree in life sciences, preferably in Immunology/hematology
Similar professional experience desired
Type of contract and amount of annual salary:
Fixed term contract for 12 months from November 1st 2018 (renewable up to 2 years)
Salary according to experience
Deadline for applications: September 30th, 2018
Send a cover letter and application to Dr. Sarah Enouz ( + 2 references (name, email, phone).
Selected publications on the subject:
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