Postdoctoral position, Magnetically actuated nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy




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Full time

04 Jan 2018
31 Mar 2018

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Reference number: EUR-254134

The CEA/INAC SPINTEC and SyMMES labs offer a 24 months post-doctoral position, starting in early 2018, on the design of magnetically actuated nanoparticles (NPs) for targeted cancer therapy. This work is part of the Nanoviber EuroNanomed2 project, with the general goal of achieving toxicology assessment and preclinical validation of these particles. The therapeutic impact of vibrational NPs to treat glioblastoma has been already demonstrated in vitro and, more recently, in vivo. The objective is now to initiate a full translational approach to rigorously address patients with glioblastoma.


Based on previous results obtained in our lab, the candidate will conduct the following studies:

  1. Particles fabrication: based on top-down and bottom-up approaches that were developed in our laboratory, to prepare anisotropic biocompatible magnetic particles suitable for the foreseen application. Some optimization will nevertheless be required to narrow their size distribution.
  2. Particles functionalization: to provide versatile chemical functionalities for easy grafting of biomolecules onto their surfaces. Two different functionalization pathways will be required for goldplated vortex NPs and magnetite NPs.
  3. In vitro efficiency and toxicology: Cancer cells death will be assessed after NPs incubation and exposure to magnetic field. Particles toxicity will be assessed using classical toxicology assays. Cells response to the engineered NPs will be assessed by highly sensitive imaging techniques, fluorescence microscopy and Confocal Microscopy. Bio functionalization of the NPs with tagging ligands will be monitored by AFM. These studies will allow the optimization of the treatment protocol (particles fabrication and optimization; magnetic field frequency, amplitude, duration, etc.) to be used for the forthcoming


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