PhD Research Project: A twisted tale of fibres: From morphology and structure to softness and sensation of touch

University of Bristol

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United Kingdom

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Full time

02 May 2017
30 Jun 2017

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Reference number: BRI-85861

The ingenuity and importance of fibres is widespread in natural and manmade composite materials. In this project, funded through an EPSRC iCASE award in collaboration with P&G; (the world’s largest personal care product manufacturer), we will seek to understand how friction properties of fibres and fabrics can be tuned by the fibre crystal structure, surface chemistry, morphology and softening agents for optimal sensation of customer finger-tip touching (e.g. in personal care products). A range of advanced experimental methods will be used, including micro-/nano-focus synchrotron X-ray scattering at international facilities, and AFM for imaging and friction measurements. The student will have the opportunity to work closely with P&G; (Newcastle and Beijing) in understanding the research topic in a broader context and experiencing innovation-driven research in an industrial setting.

Funding Notes

Candidates with a strong degree in physics, chemistry, materials science or chemical engineering are encouraged to apply. Interests in colloid and interface science, surface chemistry, X-ray and neutron scattering, AFM measurements, and friction are of particular relevance. Only UK residents (and EU citizens who have lived in the UK for the past 3 years) are eligible for this studentship.

For more information, contact Dr Wuge Briscoe (); or Dr Eric Robles () and Dr Meng Chen ().

To apply, please see View Website, or email to seek advice.

Supervisors: Dr W Briscoe, Dr E Robles and Dr M Chen

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