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Full time

05 Mar 2019
07 May 2019

Full details:

Reference number: 2019/02/12/7636

The Hiroshima Prefecture plans to establish a new university in order to strengthen higher education and is seeking candidates for its faculty positions.

We aim to develop practical personnel who work together with a diverse range of people and tenaciously pave the way for a new era in the real world, through practical education in collaboration with various entities, which can be provided only by Hiroshima, where many global companies, non-profit organizations and international organizations are based. We seek faculty members who can achieve such education with a great deal of enthusiasm.

We are inviting applications for full-time teaching staff positions in the fields of English, PBL, ICT/Data science and Design/System thinking, as well as in the fields of humanities, social science, and natural science as integrated liberal art subjects.


What we are seeking:

Sympathy for university’s philosophy

  • Person who feels sympathy for university’s philosophy and who can move forward with educational and research activities in compliance with university’s diploma, curriculum and admission policies.


Passion for education and eagerness for improvement

  • Person who has significant experience in student support, such as PBL education or academic advice, and who has a passion for student education.
  • Person who aims at high-level education and research activities and who consistently studies hard to achieve his/her goals.


Contribution to teamwork in education

  • Person who has powerful leadership and organizational management talent and who can move forward educational activities in cooperation with other faculty members as a team.


Networking with various entities outside the university

  • Person who has (or can proactively build) networks with various entities both within Japan and overseas.


Subject Areas and Class Subjects to Teach:

See Appendix “List of Class Subjects to Teach, Etc. (Planned).”

  • Literature (culture); (History of Japanese culture)
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy/Ethics
  • Art
  • Management, psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Philosophy
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Public Policy
  • Data Science
  • Practical English


Other Duties to Assume

  • Internal affairs duties (including duties related to teaching affairs, entrance exam affairs, student recruitment and job assistance)
  • Duties for regional and industry-university cooperation programs (including various courses provided through cooperation with external entities and public lectures)


Eligibility for Application

An applicant must satisfy all the qualifications and requirements stated below:

  • (1) Professor: A person who has a doctor's degree or research achievement equivalent thereto; Associate professor: A person who has a master’s degree or research achievement equivalent thereto; or Instructor: A person who has a master’s degree or research achievement equivalent thereto;
  • (2) A person who is able to promote educational and research activities based on the educational philosophy of the University;
  • (3) A person who has the ability to conduct classes in English, and preferably in Japanese as well;
  • (4) An applicant who has the skills to conduct classes interactively through use of active learning techniques (e.g. problem-solving exercises and groupwork method);
  • (5) A person who is capable of implementing educational programs in cooperation with various entities, including companies, international organizations, overseas universities, NPOs and municipalities in and outside Japan;
  • (6) A person who is capable of developing classes in cooperation with teachers in other subject areas and practical teachers from outside the University;
  • (7) A person who is able to actively address self-development, improvement of lessons, lessons open to the public, overall improvement of curriculum and so on based on the basic policy for FD (Faculty Development); and
  • (8) A person who does not fall under any of the conditions for disqualification prescribed in Article 9 of the School Education Act.


System and Period of Employment

Successful applicants will, in principle, be hired on the tenure track system or the fixed term system.


  • Tenure track system

If a teacher passes the examination conducted in his/her third year, he/she will shift to the retirement age system in his/her fourth year. If a teacher does not pass the examination in his/her third year, he/she may take the re-examination in his/her fourth year. If the teacher passes the re-examination, he/she will shift to the retirement age system in that year.

A person who is determined to be qualified as a professor through the teacher qualification examination conducted following the application for the approval of the establishment of the University of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, & Technology will be hired under the retirement age system from the start.


  • Fixed term system

Under the fixed term system, a person is hired for a fixed term of employment (for three years, in principle; and for four years in the case of teachers who are hired at the opening of the University), and his/her employment will be terminated upon the expiration of the term of employment. The term of employment of a teacher may be renewed if he/she so wishes and his/her educational and research achievement is recognized to be outstanding. The total years of the term is up to a maximum of ten (10) years.


Documents to Be Submitted

  1. Application sheet (Form No. 1): one copy
  2. Resume (Form No. 2): one copy
  3. Educational and research achievement document (Form No. 3): one copy
  4. Books or major papers (separate prints or copies are acceptable): up to five books/papers - * Circle the corresponding numbers in the educational and research achievement document of (3).
  5. Document stating your goals towards education and research at the University (in any format on not more than one A4 sheet): one copy
  6. Written plan for problem-solving exercises (in any format on approximately one A4 sheet): one copy
  7. Status of acquisition of research funds (from external sources) (Form No. 4): one copy - * Write in order of acquisition, specifying the name of the representative and allocation of the funds. (Not required if you have never received research funds)
  8. Either of the following:

(i) Names and contact information of two people from whom we can seek opinions on you, the applicant (affiliation/title, address, phone number, fax number, and email address; in any format): one copy

(ii) Recommendation letter (specifying the affiliation/title of the recommender; in any format): two copies

  • Prepare documents (2) and (3) above according to the Appendix “Notes on Preparation of Application Documents.”
  • Additional documents may be required as necessary.
  • Specified forms can be downloaded from the website of Prefectural University of Hiroshima (http://www.pu-hiroshima.ac.jp/).


For more information and to apply please follow the link below.

Remember to mention Global Academy Jobs when you apply