KTP Associate - R and D Scientist (Gene Therapy)

University of Leeds

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Position type:

Full time

03 Jun 2019
07 Jul 2019

Full details:

Reference number: LEE-CSRIS1124

We have an opportunity for you to fast-track your career in industry by leading a high-profile, strategically important project from start to finish. Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), you will be working in partnership with FREELINE Therapeutics Ltd., in conjunction with the Faculty of Biological Sciences to introduce molecular modelling approaches and develop a new platform to accelerate discovery of novel and effective gene therapies  to treat currently incurable diseases. The innovative approach will deliver new treatments faster and in a cost-effective manner. The aim of this KTP is initially to integrate rational design to our AAV vector development process to create a new approach that will underpin our future therapy development capability.

FREELINE is a leading clinical-stage biotechnology company focussing on development and commercialisation of innovative gene therapies to change lives. FREELINE’s strategic vision is to develop a series of potent, liver-targeted, Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) gene therapies. Currently, only ‘simple’ monogenetic  conditions can be targeted by AAV based therapies  However, there are significant challenges in addressing ‘complex’ diseases due to the capacity/size of the AAV vector which limits the packaging of the transgene The KTP project will address these limitations using computational modelling and rational protein design to engineer a ‘higher’ packaging capacity AAV vector. A successful KTP outcome will enable FREELINE to draw from the rational design expertise from Leeds, develop and embed new in-house capability. The computational tools developed in this project will be key in achieving this strategic goal.

You will be based at the Astbury Centre of Structural Biology, University of Leeds for the first 7.5 months, and at the company premises at the Stevenage BioScience Catalyst, Stevenage, Hertfordshire for the remainder of the project. You will be employed by the University of Leeds throughout, for a fixed period of 3 years. You will be required to spend time at both the University and company throughout the project. Members of the Faculty of Biological Sciences will provide academic and technical support to you.

You will have access to a training and development package worth £6,000, to be spent according to your needs and the project’s requirements, enabling you to work effectively on the project, and to plan for your future career. You will also attend two weeks of residential KTP training to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to complete the project successfully, for which time is allocated and funding provided.



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