Associate Professor - Experimental Physics

University of Warsaw



Position type:

Full time

01 Feb 2019
31 Mar 2019

Full details:

Reference number: EUR-375125

Job summary

We are seeking a candidate for a research group leader, who will conduct experimental research in the experimental high energy physics in the Particles and Fundamental Interactions Division of the Institute of Experimental Physics. We expect scientific activities focused on the collaboration within the large international experimental projects, existing or planned. These activities can include in particular: preparing and conducting data analysis within the selected research subjects, construction, modification or upgrade of scientific equipment, development of the new data analysis methods, new experimental techniques or concepts. We also expect the candidate to supervise MSc and PhD students, be activ in acquiring external funds for scientific research and contribute to high quality publication outcome.

Key details

We offer a full-time, open-ended employment, but with regular periodic evaluation. 

The candidates have to conform to the conditions stated in art. 113 of Higher Education Law dated 20.07.2018. (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2018, item 1668).

36 vacation days per year


  • Habilitation degree (DSc),
  • Recognized and documented record of achievements in the fields of experimental high energy physics, experience in conducting research projects and in leading research groups.
  • Research plans for the next few years, which will fit in the perspectives resulting from the activities currently carried on in the Division of Particles and Fundamental Interactions of the Institute of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.
  • Experience in acquiring external funds for scientific research.
  • Teaching experience.


Application for the position submitted as hard copy to the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Application has to include:

  1. Application for the position.
  2. Information on the processing of personal data - information clause and consent clause - attachment to the announcement (available on the website
  3. CV.
  4. Copy of DSc (habilitation) diploma.
  5. Copy of the nomination as a titular professor, if available.
  6. List of research papers including number of citations according to the Web of Science database and the Hirsch index.
  7. Information on candidate’s scientific career, organizational and teaching experience including in particular:
    • most important scientific achievements,
    • research plans for the coming years,
    • experience in supervising research projects and research groups,
    • experience in acquiring external funds for scientific research,
    • experience working in large international collaborations,
    • conference presentations, invited presentations in particular,
    • academic lecture courses delivered,
    • information on BSc, MSc, and PhD theses completed under the candidate's supervision, including the graduation year,
    • information about students and PhD students being currently under candidate's supervision


The documents listed above as 3, 6, and 7 have to be also mailed as pdf files with a scanned signature to the address:

Remember to mention Global Academy Jobs when you apply