1 Year-Postdoc position in tissue engineering of the dental pulp

Inserm UMR_S1121 Biomaterials and Bioengineering



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Full time

05 Sep 2018
01 Oct 2018

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Reference number: EUR-335727

A postdoc position is available at the Inserm unit 1121 biomaterial and bioengineeringin Strasbourg, France. The lab works on innovative materials for tissue engineering and on antimicrobial coating of existing materials (for more details on the lab please go to https://www.u1121.inserm.fr).

The postdoc will work on the ElectrATPulpe projectunder the supervision of Pr Florent Meyer. The aim of the project is to develop and to characterise an implantable scaffold to insure dental pulp regeneration. Strategy developed is based on cell homing with a controlled release of chemotactic agents. Scaffolds are prepared by electrospinning under controlled conditions to insure an alveolar structuration of the material. Surface functionalization of the scaffold is insured by the use of natural extract like plants polyphenol. ElectrATPUlpe is an on-going project and part of the scaffold development is already achieved. The postdoc will be in charge of the evaluation of cell/scaffold interaction. Two main parameter will be assessed; first the cellular growth and migration inside the scaffold and secondly the chemotactic effect. The cellular model use is DPSCs.

The applicant is expected to be a biologist/material scientist experienced in cell culture especially in 3D and in the isolation and use of DPSCs. Experience in confocal imaging, immunostaining and time laps imaging is seeking. Experience in cell migration assays will be a plus. Highly motivated and with a good team spirit, the applicant will integrate a multidisciplinary team with biologist, physico-chemist and dentists. As a multidisciplinary approach the project is shared by ICPEES laboratory, in Strasbourg, for the electrospinning of the scaffold. The applicant will work in contact with Pr Guy Schlatter in ICPEES and expected to share part of is time in his lab for the matrix production.

The position is available starting in October 2018 for one year.
Applicants should send their CV with bibliography, contact information and two references (name and contact details) to Florent Meyer via email: fmeyer@unistra.fr.

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