Universidad de Navarra


Mission statement

To seek and present the truth; contribute to the academic, cultural and personal education of its students; promote academic research and healthcare activities; provide suitable opportunities for the development of its professors and employees; and carry out broad cultural outreach and social promotion work with a clear goal of service.


We strive for a campus with an educational model based on teaching and research in which innovative solutions to the problems and challenges of today are promoted. A campus where the students take the initiative and play an active role in their personal and professional development, and where researchers are at the cutting-edge of knowledge.


Our activities aim to underline the values that guide and characterize the daily lives of those who make up the University of Navarra community and shape its environment and culture: excellent work, freedom, respect, interdisciplinarity, accountability, service and an international dimension.



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Key staff:

University Board

President: Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero

Vice President of Faculty Affairs: María Iraburu

Vice President of Students: Tomás Gómez-Acebo

Vice President of International Relations: Pilar Lostao

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz

Vice President of Communication: Juan Manuel Mora

Vice President of Research: Icíar Astiasarán

General Secretary: Gonzalo Robles

Administrator: Igor Errasti

Isidro Abad: Bursar