Universidad de Monterrey

Homo Hominis in Ministerio Perficitur


We are a university of Catholic inspiration open to students and faculty of all creeds and backgrounds, which is known for offering Personal Formation Plan to each student, in which each student helped, according to their personal characteristics and professional aspirations, to achieve his or her maximum potential in a highly rigorous and international academic environment. 

We currently offer 45 undergraduate degree programs, 13 master's degree programs, 11 graduate specialty programs and 35 areas of medical specialization.

Our faculty consists of professors from the best schools in the world with lengthy experience in their field, and a desire to investigate. Their work is framed by the UDEM Educational Model, which we developed to meet the needs of our students and to assure the qualities we strive for in our graduates.

Furthermore, we have important national and international accreditations that reflect our constant commitment to high level programs supported by a world-class faculty and infrastructure.

In the UDEM we work on using the academic and formative with work to reinforce such essential values as justice, peace, solidarity, the essential equality of every human being, and responsible freedom. 

We are pioneers in the implementation of our Integrity System in 2011, which consists in a group of norms and projects that aim to strengthen the values of honesty, truthfulness, and integrity, among others, by creating a commitment to the institutional philosophy in the educational community.

We are the leading Mexican university in terms of percentage of students that go on study abroad programs, reinforcing our already international environment. More than half of our students benefit from at least one foreign study experience.

In addition to student exchange programs, we promote other internationalization activities, like visiting professors and globally orient courses and programs on campus, including the UDEM Internal Fair.

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Key staff:

President: Dionisio Garza Medina

Rector: Dr. Antonoio J Dieck Assad 

Key facts:

Established: July 08, 1969

Students: 11, 583