Prefectural University of Hiroshima


Under the “Hiroshima Future Challenging Vision” plan, the Hiroshima Prefecture aims to enhance its Higher Education system by promoting both reorganization of the Prefectural University of Hiroshima and establishment of another institution- a new model of higher education as “pair of wheels” -.

The Prefrectural University of Hiroshima has a long history of education, and has been well known for its excellence in both education and research. The presen university was established in April 2005 by the reorganization and integration of three prefectural universities in the Hiroshima Prefecture. It has been ofificially operated by the Public University Corporation, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, since April 2007, sending its first graduating class out into the world in March 2009.

The university is a medium-sized university consisting of four faculties with eleven departments located on three campuses (Hiroshima City, Shobara City and Mihara City) two graduate school programs and Graduate Program (1 year) of study with about 2,700 students. It provides well-balanced educational content with systematic curiculums consisting of general education subjects and major subjects, actualized through small classes and detailed instruction.  It is known as a top public university in the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu areas, committed to “learning, high-quality research and training.”

In Hiroshima Prefecture, two World heritage sites, the Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine offer an additional educational experience from the perspectives of peace, culture and history in Japan.

Currently, about 70 foreign students are enrolled at our University. Inbound exchange students are accepted during each term. So far, we have produced and introduced many excellent foreign students to the world who have studied in a Japanese academic setting and the surrounding culture at the University.

Prefectural University of Hiroshima, has through academic exchange agreements, partnered with 27 overseas colleges and universities in 14 countries and regions.

Reorganization of Prefectural University of Hiroshima (April, 2020)

  •  Aiming to be a “community-based university that is trusted by the residents” and  focusing on practical education in Hiroshima as a learning forum,  the existing faculties/departments on three campuses will be reorganized so that students can learn more flexibly in a wide range of areas.


Establishment of new university (April, 2021) – Building new higher education model

  • A new educational system will be build so that students can develop the knowledge and skills truly required for problem-solving in the real world, as a body of intelligence, by focusing on practical problem-based learning and experimental/practical activities in collaboration with companies, as well as learning the basics, including broad knowledge (liberal arts), languages, ICT literacy, and data science, etc. at the same time.


Main characteristics of the new educational organization

  • Curricula that focus thoroughly on the development of competency through the acquisition of skills and knowledge, such as liberal arts, ICT literacy and data science, and repeating problem-based learning practices
  • Development of practical education and support for students’ career design based on the “platform” for collaboration with various entities outside the university
  • Practical English curriculum and classes given in both Japanese and English
  • Establishment of an environment in which international and Japanese students work hard together in a diverse value system


Why not work with us to create new human resources development?

We aim to develop practical personnel who work together with a diverse range of people and tenaciously pave the way for a new era in the real world, through practical education in collaboration with various entities, which can be provided only by Hiroshima, where many global companies, non-profit organizations and international organizations are based. We seek faculty members who can achieve such education with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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