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In 2000, two entrepreneurs set up Middle East College to further Information Technology (IT) education in the Sultanate of Oman. This dynamic institution soon diversified into other academic areas to keep up with the demands of a fast-growing economy. Middle East College is now one of the leading higher education institutions in the Sultanate of Oman, with over 5000 students studying undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in different areas of Engineering, Business, and Technology.


Middle East College strives to educate students in the true sense of the word - equipping them with the values, knowledge and life skills needed to enrich their lives and contribute to the progress of society. All students are assigned academic advisors, offering advice, guidance and support throughout their studies. This provides a creative, nurturing campus environment, where students can make a positive difference to the community, the state and the world.


Middle East College is one of the leaders in the private Higher Education sector in Oman, and has permanent members of Industry involved in curriculum design and development. This fundamental engagement with Industry ensures that students graduate industry-ready and employable, acquiring Industry Certifications without any further tutoring.


Middle East College is set over 100,000 square metres in the Knowledge Oasis, Muscat, which represents a key stage in the continuing development of the Sultanate as an emerging technology hub. The College also has international ambitions. It recently held an international conference on Big Data and Smart City, which aimed to bring together researchers, designers, developers and practitioners engaged in issues such as, green information and communication technologies, sustainability, energy aware systems and technologies to realize smart cities of the future. The College also has close academic partnerships with two UK universities (Coventry University and Wolverhampton University) who assist in delivering specific undergraduate/postgraduate courses and ensure international- standard academic quality across the board via rigorous accreditation.


We challenge ourselves continuously in our quest for excellence.
We appreciate diversity of individuals, ideas and cultures.
We demonstrate integrity and openness in our conduct.
We discharge our responsibilities with respect for all.
We commit ourselves to the nation and its culture, intellectual inquiry and the environment.

Muscat is the cosmopolitan yet relaxed capital of Oman, free from the hustle and bustle found in many of Arabia's other capital cities. It is a modern city which still maintains its pride in its heritage and culture -  the art, culture, folklore and artistry has to be seen. Muscat has beautiful beaches, public gardens and parks. It rose to importance following the Portuguese occupation of the Persian Gulf, and is noted for its extensive Portuguese ruins, such as the forts of Jalali and Mirani.  





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Key staff:

Founders: Dr. Abdullah Saif Ahmed Al Sabahy, Mr. Lefeer Muhamed Marakkarackayil

Board of Directors

-Dr. Abdullah Saif Ahmed Al Sabahi, Chairman
-Mr. Abdullah bin Humaid Al Maamari
-Mr. Lefeer Muhamed, Managing Director
-Mr. Ali Al Araimi, Deputy Managing Director
-Mr. Ashwin J.K, Deputy Dean and Registrar
-Dr. R C Bhattacharjee, Dean


Key facts:

Established: 2002


Students: 5500+



Affiliations: Coventry University, University of Wolverhampton