CODE University of Applied Sciences


The Story of CODE

CODE is a newly-founded private university of applied sciences that is embedded into the vibrant network of Berlin’s digital economy. At the core of our study programs is a self-directed project-based learning concept. Together with a network of partner organizations, our goal is to provide students with practical, real-world, and digitally-oriented education and the ability to face the technological and social changes and challenges of tomorrow.

We have a strong commitment to our community, to supporting and learning from each other, to development, and to building a healthy work atmosphere. CODE values different perspectives and is committed to a respectful, inclusive and diverse work environment.

When our chancellor Thomas Bachem – self-taught software engineer and designer – was looking for study programs to promote his endeavours as an internet entrepreneur, he was disappointed to see that the academic landscape mostly focused on the never-changing basic principles of Computer Science, instead of the exciting new possibilities of the internet and its opportunities.

He decided to study Economics at a private business school in Cologne, which is where he experienced firsthand the radical drive to apply academic theories to the real world and a personal, supportive learning environment. Out of both his fruitless search for a truly applied software-engineering program and his revolutionary experience at the private university, the idea for CODE was born: CODE would be to Computer Science what business schools are to classic Economics programs.

One decade later, Thomas had already founded several successful internet startups. As an entrepreneur and employer, he discovered time and time again that good software engineers, designers and product managers – the key drivers for ambitious digital companies – are a rare resource in Europe and Germany in particular because classical university programs rarely qualify young men and women for the challenges of the new economy.


Our Mission

CODE is an international and inclusive learning environment that attracts digital pioneers from all over the world and empowers them to live up to their full potential. As a community, we stimulate transformative innovation by fostering creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and curiosity-driven learning.


International Focus

At CODE our priority is to create an international environment for all community members to contribute to and thrive in. Here is what we do with international cooperation.

At CODE, we consider the international mobility of students, professors, and researchers as one of the keystones of our internationalization efforts. We seek to provide opportunities for international mobility globally. We believe that studying abroad prepares our students for their careers in a globalized work environment.

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Key staff:

Chancellor - Thomas Bachem

President - Manuel Dolderer

Vice President - Peter Ruppel

CEO - Britta Kiwit

Key facts:

  • On July 14, 2017, the State of Berlin Senate Chancellery for Science and Research has granted CODE University of Applied Sciences state-recognized status.
  • CODE started its first semester on September 1, 2017 with 88 students.
  • On September 1, 2018, 140 new students began their first semester at CODE.
  • On August 26, 2019, 144 new students joined #thirdparty generation at CODE!
  • On August 31, 2020, 181 new students joined #fourthdimension generation at CODE!
  • CODE offers the 3 Bachelor programs Software Engineering, Product Management, Interaction Design. All programs are taught in English.