BioSense Institute


Recognizing that ICT today plays a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable, smart and inclusive growth of agriculture, the Research and Development Institute for Information Technologies in Biosystems, also known as the BioSense Institute, has been founded to focus multidisciplinary, game-changing and needs-driven research and disseminate it to a global ecosystem of forward-looking stakeholders. BioSense cross-fertilizes two most promising sectors in Serbia: ICT and agriculture. Multidisciplinary research is performed in the fields of micro and nanoelectronics, communications, signal processing, remote sensing, big data, robotics and biosystems, with a common goal to support the development of sustainable agriculture and create a positive impact to the lives of people. Bio-Sense advances and integrates all that ICT can offer today – nanomaterials, low-cost miniature sensors, satellite imaging, robotics, big data analytics – to provide as much information as possible to the agricultural sector. The final goal of BioSense is to incorporate all efforts and results of various research groups into a unique BioSense integrated system for agricultural monitoring. BioSense Institute coordinates or participates in a large number of international research projects, including Horizon2020, FP7 and Eureka.

The mission of BioSense is to lead multidisciplinary, game-changing and needs-driven research to ensure safe and adequate food for the growing earth population, with a minimal environmental footprint. BioSense exists to generate, apply, and disseminate research findings through a global ecosystem of forward-looking stakeholders and build capacity in the field by empowering the next generation of technology-enabled professionals in the agrifood sector.

The vision of BioSense is to be a European leader in research in ICT for agrifood and related biosystems. BioSense strives to create prosperity and sustainability for a broad ecosystem that includes academia, government, industry, farming community and civil society.

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